Skip Coffee Table

$2,885.00 CAD


11.4" H x 48" W x 48" D

Coffee Table Weight: 310 lbs

Weight capacity: 44 lbs

12 mm thick 48d clear glass with grey marble

Care Instructions

Do not put very hot or cold items directly on to the glass surface. Always Use a placemat or coaster. Do not sit or stand on the glass surface. Do not use the glass as a chopping surface. To clean the glass use a damp cloth with a diluted mild soap as necessary. Do not use washing powders or any other substances that contain abrasives as these substances will scratch the glass top.

Occasionally wash the marble base with lukewarm water and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Wiping the base with a damp chamois will not leave streaks. Once or twice a year, depending on the level of soil, wash with a mild diluted soap solution, rinse and wipe dry.

Do not place anything rough or sharp on the glass surface as it may scratch.


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