Wood Sombrio Stone

$50.00 CAD


Hand crafted wood Sombrio Stones. Wood type varies piece to piece.  Finished in Natural Osmo Oil, which is pet and kid friendly.

Price is per each Stone


Small stones are stackable and approximately 4"W x 6"L x 2"H.  Each piece is unique in it's exact shape and size as each stone is hand made.

About the Artist 

The maker behind Forest Floor Creatives has spent years in the forestry industry where his love for beautiful wood species and their different grains first began. His involvement in the forest industry made him realize that waste wood from the industry can, and should be better utilized.  Even though the wood left behind after logging will eventually break down and feed the new forest, lots of that waste wood ends up being burnt, which can be detrimental to the environment.  All the wood he uses is either found at wood processing facilities, sawmill sites, logging blocks, or on the forest floor, hence the name Forest Floor Creative. Taking the practical side of the forestry industry, his passion for the environment, and combining it with his creative edge, he has created pieces from abstract objects to coffee tables, each being unique and one of a kind.


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