The Nine Refined Aesthetics


After years in the interior design industry, we wanted to find a way to provide a service for more than just our current  client list.  And so, this is where the nine aesthetics came from.  Using our expertise, we have created nine signature styles and curated the right pieces to accentuate each style.  (Pacific Northwest Aesthetic below)
Pacific Northwest Home
The Refined Aesthetics carry the notion that all design should have elements of sophistication and timeless beauty. Through our offering of textiles, lighting, furniture and decor; each piece is carefully curated, well designed, and beautiful. 
The nine Refined Aesthetics are set up to allow you to fall for more than just one. Often our personal design style never truly falls into just one aesthetic category, but rather it is a web of objects strung together, defining your home as truly unique to you. The aesthetics help you select the foundational furniture and decor pieces of your home based on your signature aesthetic, while beautifully integrating with its complimentary counterparts. (French Luxe Aesthetic below)
From clean, minimal and sleek to detailed, layered and treasured, you may fall on either end of the design spectrum, right in the middle or want incorporate aspects from each of them into your home.
Because the Refined characteristic is infused into all nine aesthetics, mixing and matching aesthetics is seamless, while maintaining the authenticity of each one on its own. This allows for personalization within our Refined Aesthetics.  Click here to discover what your signature aesthetic is! (Collected Aesthetic below)

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