A Conversation with Carolyn Ferreira


We had the honour of collaborating with Carolyn Ferreira this year and immediately fell in love with her product and brand!  Shoppe Refined shares Carolyn's commitment to quality with her clothing line.  We've asked Carolyn a few questions about her brand and are excited to share her answers with you below! Keep scrolling to find out a little more about Carolyn Ferreira.


How did your journey in luxury knitwear begin? 

While I was completing my BFA in Fashion Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology, I decided I wanted expand my knowledge of not only creating clothing, but also creating the textile. I moved to Italy where I began to work on my first thesis collection of knitwear. This was my first collection of CF, titled the Wanderer; which was a very personal expression that related to my travels and experiences. The collection was very artistic and free for me and referenced abstract aerial views of maps and landscapes that I incorporated into knits through intarsia patterns and designs. Milan was somewhat critical in Carolyn Ferreira moving forward, as this is where I was fortunate enough to visit mills and select my incredibly beautiful and environmentally conscious yarns that have become signature to CF including our regenerated cashmere, cottons and merino fibres; the yarn that which we still use today.  


Where do you find inspiration?  

My inspiration is really finding the delicate balance between function, comfort and style as well as the desire to create timeless designs that I myself have always found difficult to find! To me creating intentional clothing that can live in someone’s wardrobe season after season that can be valued and worn for many different areas of someone’s life is why I love to do what I do. As for selecting colour, I am always drawn to the beauty of nature for my palettes that give someone a feeling of relaxation and that really withstand the test of time. 



What does a day in the life look like for you? 

 Generally, morning routine begins with walking my dog Bailey who has been my sidekick for 14years now. I'm generally more focused right in the mornings, so I like to set my task list for the day of things that need to get done and have a clear plan of actions. Then I head to my studio which is just a short walk away and usually I begin by having check in’s with my community, design team and mentors. In the afternoon, I like to get into the creative part and leave time for designing, knitting, social media etc. Finally, my favourite way to unwind is yoga. Yoga has been so great for me in any city I’ve lived in.  I have been able to take my practice with me anywhere I go. I have been doing yoga for many years now and its such a mental and physical way to detach and decompress. 



Do you have a favourite piece you've designed to date?  

That’s a tough one, I love them all in their own way! I’d have to say at the moment, I absolutely love the new Hayden Rib Polo, which is part of the new collection. A perfect example of true refined classic style that looks so effortless. Can be work dressed up with a beautiful pair of trousers and a boot, or dressed down with a matching jogger also part of the new 2023 ‘Embrace’ collection.  



What does quality mean to you? 

 Great question! To me quality means thoughtfulness, consideration, and respect in every part of the process. In fashion, that means beginning with design, to the fibre, the creation of the fibre, the manufacturing of the clothes, the production of the clothes and finally the person within them. All understanding the effort and the process that goes into each and every part of creating what they wear. Being conscious of attaining a piece of clothing; buying less, but buying better and understanding the value of quality over quantity.  To us and everyone who love Carolyn Ferreira Knitwear, that is the common thread (pun intended)   


What's next for Carolyn Ferreira Knitwear?  

As a true creator at heart, there are many things! Currently, CF Studio Knitwear Courses have just begun. We are offering in person machine knitting courses that will connect other local business and community. The goal is to empower others to learn this trade and bring awareness to not only machine knitting but our ability to create production for knitwear in Canada. Furthermore, we are also excited to begin incorporating more menswear styles and bring CF to other select stores throughout North America.  

 Thank you Carolyn, for sharing a little more about your brand! 

Photography by Michelle J Proctor, Angel Mae Photography and Korch Media Co