Abstract Print - By Joy Kinna

$37.00 CAD


Soft, warm tones of charcoal, peach, grey and white.


Print Size 5" x 7"

Paper Size 7" x 9"

Frame sold separately 

About the Artist 

Joy Kinna is a freelance artist living and working just outside of Vancouver, BC Canada.

Joy has always been enthralled by the experience of art making itself. The feeling of her hands engaging with the materials, the moments before and after mark making, and the subtle shifts in seeing the natural world around her. Her work is the accumulation of: feelings, memories, landscape, subconscious and conscious thoughts that form into colours and shapes that she interacts with on canvas. Her work is primarily driven by the way she experiences the world visually, through the mental notes she takes as she goes about her day to day. Another key part to her practice is the fact she has grown up surrounded by the landscape of the coast and this is a major theme that continues to bring life and vision to her work.

Joy is passionate about the unique and integral impact artwork can have within a space. She believes that art can be a fulfilling experience in the spaces we dwell.


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