Woven Wool Rug - Coal

$2,693.00 CAD


This area rug is made from one of our planet’s favourite renewable resources: sheep’s wool.

Our carefully curated collection of natural wool carpet has been selected to accommodate the discerning consumer who wishes to make an ethical flooring decision while maintaining quality and style as well as considering the environmental impact of their purchase.


Style 1225 Weave

Colour 205 (Coal)

100% New Zealand Wool

Made in India 

Care Instructions 

Vacuuming: It is extremely important to note that many models of vacuums on the market have overly stiff roller-brushes and too-powerful suction that can shred wool and other soft fiber carpets, which will void the warranty on your carpet. 

Spills: Promptly attend to spills and stains. If left unattended, the spill will chemically bond with the pigment of the carpet fiber making removal extremely difficult without causing damage to the carpet pile. When necessary, have a reputable operator professionally steam clean your carpet. Never rub, brush or massage a wool carpet when it is damp or wet. This will only damage the carpet pile and spread the stain further.

Production Timeline

Allow 2 to 4 weeks before product will be ready for pick up

Based on stock availability


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